Really Useful Track Bits



Wills have just introduced a selection of useful track parts for the 4mm modeller in the form of point rodding.
Included are rods and stools, cranks, compensators and down set drive joints. A facing point lock is also included.
If you are serious about the appearance of your track work you will certainly appreciate these kits.
SS89 is the basic kit and SS90 provides further lengths of rodding.
Such track-related goodies are almost enough to push me towards a micro layout just so I can go to town with the PWay details!


2 responses to “Really Useful Track Bits”

  1. I saw these in my local model shop last night. I think they look great – (if only I knew what to do with them!!) Now, if only some kind person would actually put them to use to display how they should go together… 😉 I’m really keen to add point rodding to my layout – I’ve a signal box just waiting for rods to emerge, but despite reading up pages and pages of info, I’m still non the wiser.
    Maybe I should just stick to buildings.

  2. I look at your buildings and wonder if I should stick to rolling stock, Lee! 😉
    Seriously though, I’m learning about this stuff, same as you but don’t worry, I’ll be sharing the knowledge on the blog as I acquire it!

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