A little help for my friends…

I’ve completed some models today for a couple of friends who wanted weathering jobs done. I’ve got to say the new generation Farish 37 really has its beauty brought out by some thoughtfully-applied techniques.
In both scales, the techniques are roughly the same with over sprays of acrylic, oil washes and dry-brushed enamels. With the Claytons I used TCut to remove the heaviest paint deposit and create depth to the overall appearance of the loco sides.
If you really want a rough appearance on a diesel you can even use a fibreglass pen to remove sprayed weathering. This is definitely a more advanced technique all the same.
Perhaps best reserved for late 1960s Western Region modellers!








5 responses to “A little help for my friends…”

  1. Standing up well to your usual high standards there big yin.
    But can you do bridges?
    Casts heading your way to find out in time…….
    Keep up the good work bud,


  2. Lovely job. Keep them coming.


  3. Got to say, Dave -your weathering technique is superb. I can only watch in awe,


  4. Wow, they look fantastic. Excellent weathering work, great stuff!

  5. Short of the first day out of the Works – when did you ever see a clean Clayton? These are great Dave, capturing the overall condition and patina of the Claytons as I remember them (before the St.Rollox scrap line days).


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