Bits and bobs for sale



I’m currently having a clear out of surplus items to gather some funds for EM track and wheel sets so I’ll be putting a few more bits and pieces up over time.
First up are these 4mm road vehicles from EFE, Oxford and Base Toys.
A useful selection covering the 1955-70 period. I’ll accept £45 for the lot.
Also available are fifteen Bachmann Presflo wagons in Blue Circle yellow livery. £100 secures these.
I also have a Bachmann A1 in original BR apple green livery as 60114, WP Allen, tested only and yours for £75.
If any of you are aircraft modellers, I also have a decent quantity of 1/72 aircraft kits for sale. Mainly British prototypes though there are a couple of US and Canadian types, all of the 1930-60 period.
As always, please reply if there’s anything of interest.
More railway-related items will appear in due course! 😊


8 responses to “Bits and bobs for sale”

  1. Hope this works. I have done something confusing with my WordPress account! Are the Pressflo vehicles still available?

  2. Hi Dave
    Sorry not related to your blog entry but can you please ping me on the attached email address.

  3. Hope this works as well.
    Dave, can you possibly ping me on the attached email address.

    1. Hi Craig. Way out on the fringes of the Cumbrian coast tonight at work. Just back in range!

      1. No probs Dave, sounds exotic!!

        I’ve lost your email address, and can’t quite see if its possible to PM you through this WordPress arrangement.


        Haven’t sussed messaging out yet either!😄

      3. LoL as they say, can you see my email address from your end. Whenever I post it asks for my email although it never seems to appear anywhere. If it does can you fire a shot across my bows.

        I need to get in touch, busy times here and it completely slipped my mind that I had two loco’s in the kennel.

        Sorry didnt mean to clutter up your blog post.

  4. Dohhhhh, just seen you added a gmail address. Thanks that’ll do me.

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