Comrie Pug (Pt1)

Whilst I wait for a replacement chassis etch for the Barclay (long story) I’ve decided to make a start on the second NCB loco for Project77.

Due to some confusion and overthinking on my part concerning the compensation on the Barclay, I feel that I need to start afresh with this loco and I’m doing it as a rigid just to keep things relatively simple and make proper progress.

I’ve used the RT Models chassis etch for the Austerity.  This will go under an old Dapol ‘Warrington’ which I obtained for a fairly reasonable price over the summer.

Power is by a can motor through a High Level 108:1 gearbox which should mean a fair bit of grunt.

No need for speed here. Strong and steady is the standard requirement and it’s likely the motor will have a flywheel.

Anyway, two evenings’ work has seen the frames assembled, using my faithful Hobby Holidays masterchassis jig with various details applied tonight and the gearbox frame assembled.

Now, if I can get myself a 14BA drill and tap, this would be running by the weekend!


7 responses to “Comrie Pug (Pt1)”

  1. I am looking forward to seeing this develop mate. I have had my eye on an RT chassis for a long time. There is however a slightly better option for a more realistic Austerity body though, the Dapol lump takes some fettling, get yourself an old Airfix kit. The body is SPOT on. No bits where they should not be. Problem is the masters got lost in a firey blaze at Dapol so it never got remade and rebranded. However plenty on eBay. I have a mint one here for the exact same project.

    1. Yes, I figured those would be hard to get so I never really pursued that option. Have more than one Austerity in mind though so perhaps I’ll take a look. The RT chassis is a good, user friendly build too. Option for compensation too if you know what you’re doing. I think the wheelbase on these machines is short enough for it not to matter though.

      1. I paid 5.99 for mine unbuilt in its box mate. You just have to stay alert! Took me about 20 weeks of keeping an eye out though. Chris and I have polished up plenty of Dapol vintage austerities and they can look proper nice. Chris has a very recent tale of woe about one which is coming to a blog near you soon.

  2. Dave Try Thomas Grahams at Kingstown they might have a 14BA tap. and tapping drill. tapping Drill 0.8mm No68 Clearance Drill 1.1mm No57

    1. Thanks Dave. I’ll give them a try! Hope yer OK.

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    Good work

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