Sailing on the hole in the heart

Politics again folks but I felt compelled to share Paul’s excellent piece today as it encapsulates perfectly my disgust at the malice and reprehensible conduct of the British media not only to my country but to the family of Charles Kennedy at one of the darkest times in their lives.
Please avoid buying their disgusting hate rag or using their website.
Thank you.

Sailing on the hole in the heart.

Captain’s Log, Stardate; WTF?

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 17.51.40

As someone who’s been following Scottish politics since the great independence debate took off in 2011-12, I’m pretty used to ill-informed, bat-shit craziness by now but I have to say that this post, spotted on a well-known UK model railway forum by an ‘alert follower’ 😉 still made me rather astonished in a Jo-La sort of way and it kind of proves that the UK media’s propaganda onslaught is having effects outside the expected sphere. Either that or Alan Cochrane’s taken up railway modelling!
Anyway the 5:15 to UKIP-land’s running a bit late so best take your meds now, old chap!