You’ve seen the model, now meet the real(ish) thing.

Hot on the heels of the 1/76 Bachmann model comes the 10000 group with their on-going quest to build a full size operational replica of this pioneering British diesel loco.
The project is progressing well and I genuinely do wish them luck; I’d love to be around long enough to see it standing beside 77021 on one of our heritage lines!
Follow the loco’s development through the link below.

The Great Marquess

It’s the time of year when the Fellsman service starts up its summer season, running via the Settle and Carlisle.
Currently, the service is being operated by Gresley K4 61994, The Great Marquess.
I was lucky enough to snap her during her service stop at Carlisle.
I took these photos largely to illustrate the variations of shade and tone on even a clean, well-maintained steam locomotive.
While the images are copyright, you are welcome to use them for private non-commercial purposes.