Decks Cleared for Action!



Last night I decided enough was enough and mercilessly attacked my workshop, clearing the industrial level of clutter and reorganising the tool drawers in order that I can crack on and produce some proper EM kit.
OK, I’ll admit the painting section needs a bit more work but come on, you never saw this place on Sunday!



In any case, along with the previously blogged van and a couple of RTR conversions, what you see here is hopefully the nucleus of my first whole EM gauge train.
I first visited the loco about three years ago during my first ‘Inchkennet’ ScR layout plan phase, but gave up trying to make something useful from the utterly horrible DJH chassis. Last year I dug it out and converted the chassis to EM with the intention of providing Culreoch with a bit of motive power variety. That burst of activity stalled due to issues with the tender but now, a year later this Caledonian 279 or Jumbo has found itself thrust into the spotlight again. Now equipped with Gibson frames, Markits Finescale wheels and a Mashima – High Level power train, the Jumbo awaits an etching for the tender chassis and will hopefully be ready for action before long.
Also seen here are a Cambrian Diagram 1986 single plank wagon and a Parkside LNER Lowfit. Both await completion, possibly tomorrow!
Lastly, that unpromising heap of bits is hopefully going to morph into a very nice take on the LMS standard 20 ton brake van. It’s a bog standard Airfix model but by the time I’ve refined it, fitting the LMS Models buffers and ballast box, some handrails and the excellent Shawplan laserglaze, this should be a rather nice little model to bring up the rear of the train.
This should be the perfect opportunity to practice modelling discipline and get a coordinated effort of related items that compliment each other.
Breaking the habit of a lifetime I suspect!


One response to “Decks Cleared for Action!”

  1. Looking good bud.
    Big burst of activity this end too mate,
    that’s another 4 miles worth of route mapping laid out (well prep work carried out).

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