Mr Blue Sky…

A good weekend has been had here on the layout with a visit from my mate and his lad. We got the other fascia board on the layout and it’s accompanying end board done.

Following this, we had a mess about and settled on the track layout, also working out the positions for the major scenic features.

Tonight, I applied a first coat of paint to the fascia. I managed to squeeze enough out of the old tin but I really need to order another one.

It’s actually looking like a layout now!

The final task tonight was to apply some pale blue paint to the back boards and then had a play about with some rolling stock and scenic items. It’s probably better to let the pictures do the talking now, but it all looks a bit ‘1966’…

Bang Road!
Take 2!
I like this low angle image. A lot.

I’m genuinely amazed at the current pace of progress after so long. Now I’m on the way, enthusiasm is looking after itself. Anyway, a photo heavy update tonight and it’s taken a while to upload them. Thanks for checking them out. More from me soon.


2 responses to “Mr Blue Sky…”

  1. This is looking seriously good. love the composition. The mocked ups and placed buildings and your fab stock ( love the 29) have brought it to life. can’t wait to see more. Terry

    1. Good to hear from you Terry. Hope all’s well up there.
      I’m very much getting into this now!

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